I’m honestly really in love with my age. 16 and I’ve never felt so deeply fascinated by the world.

I’m actually a bit scared of growing up and losing myself… 

But on the other hand, I can’t wait to take on the world & find out what it’s all really about. 

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first day i’ve been over my calorie goal since tues. i want to cryyy

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You make me feel empty and small. And I’ve cried so fucking much over you, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll run out of tears soon. 

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My bbs

My bbs

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Okay I’m starting my “I-want-to-lose-weight-really-really-badly” plan today FINALLY after procrastinating on it for the beginning of Spring Break. (I planned to start right when Spring Break started whoops!) 

But yeah. SO DON’T OFFER ME JUNK FOOD. LOL jk but ergh i just want to be skinny i know that’s really superficial of me but come onnnnnnnnnnnnn if you’re skinny you can kinda wear anything tbh. 

and clothes are important to me in this day and age. yes. 

that’s the real reason for trying to be healthy. 

not to be healthy but to wear cuter clothes.

getting down to what matters…. 


i downloaded a calorie tracker app don’t judge me i can do this 

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Can you be in love with someone for multiple reasons, one being that they’re in love with you? 

I’m so utterly confused. 

But you make me so tingly inside. It’s… I don’t know what I want anymore. I thought I did. I really thought I knew. 

I don’t know anything. 

I don’t know. 

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Monday, the 14th

SO, I didn’t do any homework today ha. ha. hahahahha. ha. 

But I cleaned up a bit. 

ANDDDDDD went to Medieval Times with Michelle. So… homework can wait one more day, can’t it? 

I had lots and lots of fun~ 

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Friday & Saturday

My weekend has been really fab so far! 

On Friday, I went to the play (again) at night with Michelle, Celine, Heaven, Tara, Ashley, and Judy and it was AMAZING again. <3 <3 <3 Young Frankenstein is so beautiful agh ^___^ Theatre people are seriously SO talented; I regret not joining even though I really, really wanted to this year. Ughhhhh but no they’re too fab for me omg. 

THEY HAVE ALL OF MY RESPECT!!!!!!!! *fangirls* 

No, but that was gr8 and I got to sleep over at Meesha’s house and we watched A Walk To Remember wooooo. 

Okay and this morning was a super lazy morning but it was relaxing & fun and then later Meesha and I went to a nearby park and it was really really fun! hahahha. We pushed each other on a shopping cart we found!! And other things. We tried to climb a tree but I failed miserably. Agh. BUT YEAH OKAY IT WAS FUN!!!!

then at 5 pm, we went to fvhs to help with the color guard hosting competition. And I honestly had so muchhh fun working the food shift! I love taking people’s orders even IF some are complete jerks. At least some people were really, really sweet! One guy even asked how our day was going aww. 

And I think afterwards, at like 9:30 pm when everyone was leaving, and we were pretty much done cleaning & things, everyone was just eating the leftover food… i admit it was kind of cool to bond with bandos hmm… Celine, Judy, Michelle, and I were kind of hyper I guess on the rush of the night & on the sugar we consumed perhaps??? but it was fun. I liked it. And I liked the pasta salad thing mmmm. 

Okay and now I’m unexpectedly sleeping over at Michelle’s house again but THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE IT’S SPRING BREAK.

I’m really happy. :) 

But I MUST start homework tomorrow. Yes. 

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My Spring Break Goal

SOOOOO, tomorrow marks the beginning of SPRING BREAK!!!!

…. which I’m super excited about, honestly, mostly because it means NO FREAKING SCHOOL FOR A WHOLE FREAKING WEEK.

Too stoked. 

But… it is only a week long and I know how time can fly by when I’m unprepared for it so I want to be proactive and make a little goal to myself that I will make sure EACH of the 9 (b/c weekends) days of spring break is both super fun and productive! I don’t want to feel like I wasted my spring break, you know? 

SOOOOOOO, yeah. This MUST happen or else I will cry… like, a lot. 

Let me start with a little schedule. : ) 

Friday, April 11th - Hang out w/ Michelle after school (froyo & park?). Finish reading Grapes of Wrath!!! & then re-watch the play at school at night~. ^__^ (this time, with the Main Cast ooh lala) 

Saturday, April 12th - Sleep in <3 <3 <3 thennn organize binder & room (spring cleaning heheh) & do spanish homework! At like 5pm, go to FVHS for the color guard comp hosting~~. :) Maybe watch a movie over skype w/ Meesha at night. 

Sunday, April 13th - Do 1/2 of outline for APUSH Ch. 39! Set up NEW DIY project (ugh i changed my idea way too many times frickkk) and like seriously do stuff w/ it because time is running out!! Go roller skating later and maybe hang out with people later? (undecided) 

Monday, April 14th- Finish Ch. 39 outline…. THENNN, hang out w/ the old gang (Katherine, Cindy, Yun, Martin, Subin) @ Bella Terra for Martin’s bday!!!! :) yayyy reunited once again <3 <3 <3 

Tuesday, April 15th- Skating w/ Meesha and Celine? (undecided; will ask them if they wanna do something!) Make a blog post!!! Work on DIY proj.!!! Then, go to mom’s house~~

Wednesday, April 16th- (Undecided) buttt spend time w/ famfam <3 <3 especially my brother! AND study for APUSH  unit test 

Thursday, April 17th- (Undecided) but study for APUSH, like overall! (AP Test is coming up frickk) 

Friday, April 18th- Shopping w/ mom????? beg her b/c need spring clothes asappppp

Saturday, April 19th- BRO’S BDAY PARTY WOOO TURNING 4 :”’)))) invite meesha over to help blow up balloons~heheh. :) also study for apush a bit but at night time~. 

Sunday, April 20th- *happy official bday to my brother ♥* spend time w/ fam fam and get ready (cry) for school 


all things subject to change~. ^__^ 

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I want my Spring Break to be filled with laughs and memories and sleeping and candy… and you… :)

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